Muzooka Introduces Swipe-to-Discover Feature for its iPhone & Android Music Apps

We reach another milestone today as we introduce our biggest and most innovative release to date. New rich features and hundreds of improvements went into this release on both the website and our mobile apps.

To kick things off, we’re going to tell you about the THREE biggest updates to Muzooka:

The DISCOVER Feature - Listen & Swipe 


Muzooka wants to make finding new music easier and faster with the DISCOVER feature.

Listen to 10 second song highlights (we like to think of them as ‘song trailers’) from our collection of great tracks. If you come across a song you like and want to hear more, then swipe right and add the full song to the dedicated DISCOVERED playlist to listen later. If you want to skip to the next one, swipe left.

Are you an artist? The DISCOVER feature is a great way to make your first impression really count! Got an awesome hook or guitar solo in your track? Show it off. Choose the section that best represents the song for your audience. Edit your existing songs on Muzooka to choose the ‘song trailer’, or upload a song to begin.

Available only with the Muzooka music app. Download the iPhone or Android apps today and start DISCOVERing!

Improved Upload Tool


In an effort to make things easier for our great artists to bring their tracks to new fans, we’ve simplified the upload process with a redesigned, step-by-step flow. Easier to navigate and more intuitive to use, getting your songs up on Muzooka is faster than before.

The improved drag and drop step is simpler to use. Grab your songs and bring it into the Upload window and drop it. 


Drag and Drop


Enter and select your track details

Of course, the highlight of your process will be selecting your song’s trailer for the DISCOVER feature.

We’ve dedicated a step here so you can choose where you want the 10 second sample to start and stop. Using the track visualizer, choose and fine tune your selection before you submit your song. Need to choose a new trailer? You can always go back and edit your sample as well. Just go to your Band page and Edit your songs to change any of the details for your song.


Choose your 10 Second ‘Trailer’

Redesigned Website - So Fresh & So Clean (Clean)!


By far the most impactful and noticeable change that we are most proud of is the  refreshed website design. The website design makes it easier to navigate, and offers much more information about the music and artists you want to listen to.

Our Muzooka Charts now make better use of the screen and offer new ways to discover music and bands quickly with genre and location tags.

Each song is now accompanied by new insights, displaying its stats and trends which include how many times a song has been played, and voted on by the industry panel and music lovers like you!

We improved the music player with a fluid and responsive layout. Playlists are quicker to access from the menu so they are always accessible.

More improvements are on the way this year. We can’t say much but here are a few to tease you with:

  • New band profile pages

  • New ways to interact with the industry panel and get feedback

  • More data insights and dashboard

  • More artist highlights

  • And of course, more great bands, and more great music

We hope you’ll love these new features and changes. We encourage our Muzooka community to report bugs or send us crazysexycool ideas you like to see. We are always listening.

Send us an email at, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and send us a comment.

Love to hear from you! Until then, visit Muzooka and check out all the latest improvements. 

All the best,
The Muzooka Team



Good news: Today, you finally have something more interesting to say than “eh, not much” when someone asks you “what’s up?”

We’re proud to announce that Muzooka version 2.1 (codename “CODA”) is now available on the web and for IOS and Android devices. That’s right! Muzooka is now open to all –musicians, artists, band, music lovers, you’re all welcome to join the new social music experience that is Muzooka!

Team Muzooka spent thousands of hours tweaking the interface, overhauling the code and improving the user experience. And there’s more to come this Summer. More features, more ways to discover new music, more ways for artists to interact with fans, and better opportunities to be discovered by industry pros.

If you are already familiar with Muzooka, you’ll be pleased to know that everything you love about the experience of using our website is now available on-the-go for IOS and Android devices

If you’re not already familiar with Muzooka, it’s a social platform connecting people who love music with the artists who create it and the producers, engineers and technicians who make it all happen. We bring in tons of new, rising, undiscovered artists and songs, help fans and industry professionals find them, and give everyone involved lots of ways to interact, communicate, collaborate and share their discoveries with others.

We feel the current version provides an excellent opportunity for many more people to get on board for the wild ride we have planned for the community.

The Features

  • Flood your on-the-go ears with new music custom tailored to your taste: Search and select from our list of music tags to better filter and customize your musical billboard. A flawless mix of “something new” and “you’re sure to love it” = the perfect mobile music player.
  • Hot, New, and Top Billboards: Stay on top of the latest Hot, New and Top tracks just by opening the app, making it easy and simple to know who and what is trending in real-time.
  • Vote and make a difference: Get heard and make a difference in an artists career. Vote up tracks you love from the convenience of the app, helping to support the bands you love and getting them in front of the best in the business.
  • Create and listen to playlists: Easily create new playlists on-the-go and stream all your favorite discoveries -for free! Subscribe to playlists created by other Muzooka members, as well as our industry professionals like David Foster, Walter Afanasieff, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, and more.
  • Easy sharing: Get bragging about discovering the next new jam your friends are going to love by sharing through Facebook and Twitter. Share your new found favorite tracks, playlists, and artists with ease.
  • Super simple interface: Beautifully designed app showcases songs and album art, while making it super simple, intuitive and fun to find new songs. Trust us: You’ll know how to use this app.

Muzooka is now in open beta, available on the web at, and on iOS, and Android devices. New features and improvements are rolling out this Summer 2014. Did we mention sign up is FREE? Like, actually free. Not fake free where you have to give us your credit card number, social security number, and first born child in order to get a 5 minute free trial. It’s all the way, super free.

Go download the apps right now! 

For iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), DOWNLOAD HERE!

For Android (Android 2.3 and higher), DOWNLOAD HERE!



Gaze Upon Peter DiStefano – His New Drug

At Muzooka, one of our goals (“addictions” really) is to give our members every possible opportunity to discover new music before anyone else. It’s pretty much what we wake up thinking about in the morning, what we bore our significant others talking about over dinner, and what we fall asleep mulling over.

So naturally, we were psyched when the exceedingly wonderful and talented Peter DiStefano decided to do an exclusive launch of his album on Muzooka!

As founding member and lead guitarist of critically acclaimed alternative rock band Porno for Pyros,

Peter’s talent and music smarts is beyond measure. He’s lent his talents to numerous projects including the Shrek films (betcha didn’t know that!) Did we mention he’s invincible? He survived cancer and the 90s alt-rock scene. And he’s still going strong - there’s no stopping Peter, which is why he’s a very respected member of the music industry, and we’re lucky to have him.

Muzic Mondays

Every Monday, starting today and continuing for the next 4 weeks, we’re going to leak two tracks from the soon-to-be-your-favorite album, Love Is The Drug. Peter’s legendary guitar rifts match hard pumping house in his latest incarnation and we’re rolling it out to you!

This week’s songs are “Blood VS Pete” and “Elizabeth I”. Take our word for it (we’re a tough crowd) – this entire album rocks in a way that doesn’t make us hesitate to use “rock” as a descriptor even though that stopped being trendy, like, 20 years ago. There’s no better way to put it. We haven’t been able to stop listening to them.

You can hear for yourself by visiting Peter’s Muzooka profile (you should probably go ahead and follow him while you’re there. He’s kinda the best person ever.)


Two more next Monday!

Music first. We mean it.