There is Change Afoot at Muzooka

By now you know that we’re making some big changes that will affect your Muzooka account.  We know change can be scary, so we’re writing this post to help you understand why we are making these changes and how they will benefit you.

Now, join us on this path to enlightenment. Please save your questions until the end.

Ready? Here we go.

Why we’re changing things up

Every day, more venues, festivals and artists are using Muzooka. It’s important to us that the information you house on Muzooka is owned and controlled by the right people, so we’re implementing Facebook’s Single Sign-on for all users.

This change will mean that if you’re in a band or manage a venue with multiple people, you won’t have to share your Muzooka username and password. Instead, you can simply assign bandmates or staff as an admin or editor on your Facebook page.

Our new Dashboard will also automatically sync your Facebook pages to Muzooka, including your banner image, and keep it regularly updated on Muzooka.

Hopefully you’ve made it this far down the page because the next bit is worth it. We’ve walked you through why we’re making these changes and now it’s time to show you how they will benefit you.

How this change will benefit you

– The ability to quickly create and manage multiple pages from your Facebook account

multiple-facebook change


– Automated syncing from Facebook to your Muzooka page – no more updating pages in multiple spots

facebook-sync change


– Using our NEW digital gig posters, Venues and Festivals can easily promote events via Facebook (and Twitter), featuring Muzooka artist pages

gig-poster change


Phew. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Questions, comments, concerns? Send us an email or check out our FAQ below.



Do I have to connect Facebook?
Yes, we require all user accounts to connect their Facebook accounts and link their pages.


What if I don’t have a Facebook page for my venue or band?
Give your venue or band a voice on Facebook by creating a page, then log in on Muzooka to link it.  See Facebook’s instructions on how to create a page.


Can I sync more than one Facebook band page to my Muzooka account?
You can sync as many band and venue pages that you’re connected too on facebook as long as you’re an Editor or Admin of those pages.


Can my bandmates make changes to my Muzooka artist page?
Absolutely, as long as they have Admin or Editor access on your Facebook page. See Facebook’s instructions on how to give someone a role on your page.