Our demo submission management tools are now Muzooka Pro

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be rolling out a new company brand for our opportunity/demo submission management tool called Muzooka Pro. With this announcement we’re also excited to showcase a new feature to give you more control over artist submissions – custom columns!

As a Pro you can now create columns to sort and manage artist submissions however you like. Here’s a quick explanation:

By default anytime you create a new opportunity in your Dashboard you will always have 3 columns:

  • Archive (submissions to pass on)
  • Submissions (submissions to decide on)
  • Likes (submissions you like)

Screenshot 2016-03-31 18.23.56


Clicking the blue add column button to the right will allow you to enter a column name:

Screen Recording 2016-03-31 at 06.27 PM

When you receive new submissions you can now drag and drop those songs into your new columns, easy!

Screen Recording 2016-03-31 at 06.30 PM

Clicking on the white card opens up a form that will provide you with the artist contact information.

Screenshot 2016-03-31 18.42.48

Here are some tips for your demo submission management

As a venue manager

  • Booking for Friday/Saturday nights? Create a column for each night (eg. Friday night, Saturday night, etc.)
  • Multiple staff? Use a single login and create columns for each person (eg. Allison’s picks, Roger’s picks, etc.)

As a festival

  • Different stages? Create a column for potential artists on each stage (eg. Stage A, Stage B, etc.)

As a radio station

  • Multiple staff can each have their own column for artist selections (eg. Mike’s choices, Janet’s choices)

Ready to give it a go?

Already on Muzooka? Log in and tell us what you think!