We’re giving away 100 Muzooka t-shirts!

We’re giving away 100 Muzooka prize-packs, including t-shirts to 100 random artists who submit to our opportunity.  The catch? Only completed profiles will be eligible for a prize-pack.

With so many new updates and improvements to Muzooka some of our new features may be missing from your profile. Before submitting to our opportunity take a quick look at your artist page to see if it includes live video, photo(s), song(s), and all of your social accounts. We’ve provided some examples below to make it even easier for you to update your page.

If you’re not yet signed up as an artist now is your chance!

The opportunity will be open from Wednesday, May 11 to Wednesday, June 1.

Here’s a great example:

The Disconnect


Make sure your page includes:

  • Your best live YouTube video(s)
  • Photographs
  • Music – as much as you want including what you think is your best track
  • And of course share your socials – these are the ones venues and festivals always want to see 


The incentive:

One of these t-shirts, plus other cool stuff could be yours!


100 recipients will be chosen randomly after June 1.  Each recipient must have a complete artist page to be eligible to receive a prize pack. If you are chosen, we’ll contact you directly to request your mailing address. Happy updating!