Introducing our biggest release yet

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a great user experience and meet the needs of both industry professionals and artists we are happy to announce the latest release of our web app.

Here’s what you can expect:

For Pros

We expanded Muzooka Pro to include Demos and Performances. What’s the difference?


The Demos tool is used by venues, festivals or radio stations that want to create an opportunity for artists to submit demos to. We provide one central location to receive and organize demo submissions. See our post on demo submissions for more info, and watch the video below.



The Performances tool is brand new and aims to make the lives of venue owners, festivals and radio stations a lot less complicated by providing up-to-date artist information. So you’ve booked an artist through your opportunity on Muzooka and now you’d like to promote their performance. Instead of calling, emailing, or faxing (is that still a thing?) to collect the artist’s details to share with your patrons, simply select the date and time of the musician or band performing at your venue, customize and copy the embed code right into your website. You’ll end up with a professional looking gig poster where fans can check out the date and time of the show, band photos, featured song, and links to the band’s social networks in just three easy steps. The artist’s info is updated in real-time if they make changes, so you can be assured that the info is always current. Phew.

But wait, there’s more! Demos and Performances are not mutually exclusive. Industry professionals can book artists outside of opportunities and still be able to create a gig poster. Use our new search function to find an artist and follow the steps above to create the embed code.

Demos and Performances


For Artists

Artist, managers and agents maintain complete control of the content that is shared. When you update your information on your artist page it is simultaneously updated on gig posters parked on independent websites promoting shows you are a part of.

Make a great first impression by including photos, videos and links to your social accounts on your artist page.

Did we mention that all this is free?!

Need help at any time while using Muzooka? Hover over the avatar in the top right corner and send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.