Keepin’ it simple.

Over the last 6 months, Muzooka has been honing in on the relationship that exists between opportunities and musicians. In doing so, we’re removing some features that you would typically find inside streaming discovery sites and instead focus on building the tools to connect these two user groups.

Because of this, you will notice some changes in Muzooka as we make the shift.

Likes and the Hot charts

By removing these two features, we’re giving every artist in Muzooka an equal opportunity to be heard by opportunity creators. Now you can find every song uploaded to Muzooka in the new artists section.


With our focus in connecting artists to the best live opportunities in music, the ability to add songs to a playlist isn’t something that was required and has been removed.

Going forward

Expect to see more industry innovations that will allow venues, radio stations and festivals to accept and organize demo submissions more efficiently than ever. This all results in more live opportunities for artists.

The changes will be coming to mobile as well in the near future.