Mountain FM Announce Be the Best, Play the Fest Finalists

Mountain FM have announced the five finalists for their third annual Be the Best, Play the Fest presented by Gibbons Whistler and powered by Muzooka.

Thank you to all of the Sunshine Coast and Sea-to-Sky musicians and bands who submitted to this opportunity. It was no doubt a tough decision for the judges with so much great talent to choose from.

Congratulations to Jon Shrier, The Dick Smithins, Brother Twang, Small Town Runaway, and Northern Ignition.

On July 9th, the finalists will compete for $10k in total prize money and the coveted first prize of a spot to play at Pemberton Music Festival.

Head to The Meadows at Pemberton for 7:00 p.m. when the battle begins.  It’s an all ages event with free transportation from Whistler and Pemberton. Adult tickets include cover for the after party at Garfinkel’s.


Want to learn more about the bands who will be facing off? Check them out on Muzooka.

John Shrier

Jon Shrier Pemberton Music Festival


The Dick Smithins

Dick Smithins Pemberton Music Festival


Brother Twang

Brother Twang Pemberton Music Festival


Small Town Runaway

Small Town Runaway Pemberton Music Festival


Northern Ignition

Northern Ignition Pemberton Music Festival