New Music: Top 10 Muzooka Artists of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end we thought it would be great to feature some of our artists from the past year. We asked our staff to compile a list of the top 10 Muzooka artists for 2016 and they didn’t disappoint.

We’ve listed these artists in no particular order because we don’t feel one outshines another. We just think they are super and we want to share some love this holiday season.

Robots and Gods (Best in Vancouver 2016 winners)

Robots and Gods music

Members: Trevor Dunn, Greg, Tyson Harrington, Jerry Ocol, Ryan Smith
Genre: Rock
Hometown: North Vancouver
Muzooka Artist Page:


Northern Ignition (Be the Best Play the Fest winners)

Northern Ignition music

Muzooka Feature article:
Genre: Bluesy Folk-Rock
Hometown: Vancouver
Muzooka Artist Page:


Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega music

Members: Prevail Wonder, Neph 
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Hometown: Victoria
Muzooka Artist Page:


Hadley Kennary

Hadley Kennary music

Photo credit: Joe Barnard

Members: Hadley Kennary
Genre: Americana/Folk-Pop
Hometown: Nashville
Muzooka Artist Page:


Cat Carpenters

Cat Carpenters music

Members: Tess van Zwol, Claire Slootheer
Deep House, Techhouse, House
Muzooka Artist Page:


The Wolves of Chernobyl

Wolves of Chernobyl music

Members: Tyler Nafe, Jonathan Seals, Sean Fung-A-Fat, Victoria Olivares, Ben Jobe, Michael Hauser, Brad Montgomery, Dan Williams, Taylor Moore, David Gist, Lucas Hopkins
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Progressive Bluegrass
Hometown: Huntsville
Muzooka Artist Page:


Rob Lee

Rob Lee music

Members: Rob Lee
Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Amsterdam
Muzooka Artist Page:


Roots of a Rebellion (Road to Roo winners)

Roots of a Rebellion music

Photo credit: Cindy Gray

Members: Austin Smith, Marco Martinez, Adam Quellhorst, Troy Wiggins, Jeremyck Smith, Justin Smith
Genre: Reggae/Rock/Dub
Hometown: Nashville 
Muzooka Artist Page:


Mountains Like Wax (Music City Mayhem winners)

Mountains Like Wax music

Members:  Mitchell Taylor, Samuel Katz, Alex Zimmerman, Hunter Beckgerd
Genre: Southern Post-Rock/Indie
Hometown: Nashville
Muzooka Artist Page:



Ming music

Members: Aaron Albano aka MING
Genre: House
Hometown: Harlem
Muzooka Artist Page:

Which of these artists stood out the most to you?  Did we miss any? Tweet us at @muzooka.