New Opportunity: WLOY Loyola Radio

Loyola University Maryland’s student-run campus radio station WLOY Loyola is looking for new artists to put on the air and perform live in their studio.  Plus, they host weekly shows on campus for students every Thursday night during the school year, with compensation.

This opportunity has even more perks. Have you heard of Baltimore’s HONFest? It’s a festival like no other where you’re sure to find Baltimore residents showing off 1960s-style beehive hairdos, spandex and an incredible amount of leopard print clothing. Why is this important? WLOY Loyola hosts 16 bands on a stage during this festival and you could be one of them.

Last but not least, as a college radio station, WLOY Loyola has an opportunity to submit their station’s Top 30 chart weekly to be included on Muzooka’s College Radio Chart. You could make it on to the chart – or better yet – to the top!

Are you interested?