Northern Ignition Pemberton Music Festival

Be the Best, Play the Fest winners Northern Ignition

Northern Ignition
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Last May, Mountain FM posted an opportunity on Muzooka asking artists to submit original songs for a chance to win a place in Pemberton Music Festival’s lineup and $10k in total prize money.

Five bands selected from the dozens that entered went on to compete on a small stage at The Meadows at Pemberton and the group to triumph over the others was Nothern Ignition. They walked away with the grand prize of $5,000 and a spot to play at Pemberton Music Festival.

The kicker? Be the Best, Play the Fest was their first show.

Northern Ignition are based out of Whistler, BC and they’ve been playing together with a variety of acts for about three years, but the Be the Best, Play the Fest contest show was their first as the current Norther Ignition lineup – and they had no idea they would win.

“We were up against some seasoned competition, so we made it our goal to go out and have as much fun as possible,” shares frontman Marcus Ramsey.

They did just that. They played hard and had fun and in the end they were given an opportunity to play a second show for thousands at Pemberton Music Festival.

Northern Ignition

The Pemberton Fest stage was the biggest they had every played on.

“It was awesome to make use of the space and awesome stage sound. The artist pass was loaded with perks for the rest of the weekend!”

Don’t forget that they also won $5,000. They plan on investing it in more record time to follow up their debut EP, Youngbloods.

They had some final words of wisdom for their fellow musicians just starting out, “don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

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