New User Feature – Photo Gallery

We recently implemented Facebook’s Single Sign-on for all users. It was a big move and we’re really excited about the many opportunities this change provides our users.

Since this release we have received a lot of great feedback and we’ve made a few additional changes based off that feedback. One change we’d like to highlight for you is the new photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

Syncing your Facebook and Muzooka accounts will automatically pull the top five photos directly from your Facebook page. You can easily manage these photos from the Muzooka dashboard by selecting which ones you would like to keep or remove, or upload new photos.

Photo gallery


Watch Muzooka’s Product Designer walk you through connecting your Facebook Artist Page with your Muzooka Artists Page.


Do I have to connect Facebook?
Yes, we require all user accounts to connect their Facebook accounts and link their pages.


What if I don’t have a Facebook page for my venue or band?
Give your venue or band a voice on Facebook by creating a page, then log in on Muzooka to link it. See Facebook’s instructions on how to create a page.


What type of Facebook page do I need to connect to my Muzooka account?
If you’re having trouble connecting, you might not have the correct page type listed for your band page on Facebook. Below are some examples of page types we accept.

Artist, Band or Public Figure

  • Artist
  • Entertainer
  • Musician/Band
  • Producer
  • Public Figure


Can I sync more than one Facebook band page to my Muzooka account?
You can sync as many band and venue pages that you’re connected too on facebook as long as you’re an Editor or Admin of those pages.


Can my bandmates make changes to my Muzooka artist page?
Absolutely, as long as they have Admin or Editor access on your Facebook page. See Facebook’s instructions on how to give someone a role on your page.