Atlanta natives and Muzooka favorites Little Tybee suffered some major damage during recent storms in their hometown. Above is photographic evidence that these storms were a real dick; below is more info from Paste about how you can help these lovely folks recover what was lost.

…a tree that was struck by lighting crashed into the house that three band members occupied.

While no one was injured, the band’s living room and rehearsal space, along with some gear, was destroyed. Their label, Paper Garden Records, is asking for donations to help cover damages to property and musical equipment.

Little Tybee’s Josh Martin released a statement through the label earlier today: “Any generosity anyone has to offer could help ensure a safe transition into having new roofs over our heads, help replenish our gear supply, and help us get this behind us so we can finally finish this new album we have put so much work into. We appreciate it so much, it honestly means the world to us.”

You can donate by visiting this link.