Showcase your music talent with Muzooka

We are continuing to improve our Muzooka Page.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the changes made:

Spend more time making music

We’ve made some big changes in this version. Our industry partners told us what they want to see on a Muzooka Page, and we listened. Now you can spend more time doing what you love and less time updating digital assets or trying to sell tickets.

More video!

Muzooka is moving away from .mp3 uploads to focus on video. We receive tons of feedback from venues and promoters wanting to see first-hand how artists perform live.

Don’t have any live video? That’s okay! We put together a quick guide on how to turn your best tracks into a video using still images.

We encourage you to record and link some live video footage if you can.

Photographic flexibility

You no longer have to pick your artist image from your Facebook photos. Upload any image for your Muzooka banner, and add a hi-res photo for our booking and ticketing partners – who say it’s a must-have feature for them.

Social links and stats

A huge number of artists rely on social media platforms to promote their music. We moved your social links and stats to center stage on your Muzooka Page.


We removed the clutter to create a Muzooka Page that puts the spotlight on video and social media, and makes you look badass.

The reveal


Pretty slick, isn’t it?

New to Muzooka?

Don’t have a Muzooka Page yet? Here’s what to expect when signing up.

We use Facebook Single Sign-on to help verify our artists are who they say they are, plus it allows any member of a band or management team to log in and make changes when necessary. All of your Facebook artist page content is synced with our system so when you make a change there, it auto syncs on your Muzooka Page, and any gig posters you are featured on. Our hope is this automated process provides you with more time to make great music.

Simply head to and choose to sign up with Facebook. We’ll import your information and send you to our Muzooka Page to fill out the rest. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty easy form. See?

Now all that’s left is for you to start sharing your Muzooka Page. Welcome to Muzooka!