Smooth Hound Smith: The Road To Winning Music City Mayhem

Smooth Hound Smith’s sound is unmistakable. One can recognize their music instantly from their fluid yet rugged tunes that clearly come from the heart. Rhythm, soul, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and folk, are just a few of the genres that come to mind when listening to Zack and Caitlin’s harmonies. The combination of foot drums, harmonica, banjo, guitar, and tambourine creates a beautiful robustness that you can’t help but move along to. There is no doubt that the pair’s music reflects who they are and what they love, and they stick to it with every song and performance, which is something to be admired.

Smooth Hound Smith has been on a busy road this summer, touring and competing around the United States. And one part of that road included competing and winning Music City Mayhem. Back in June Muzooka powered the initial submissions for the Music City Mayhem Contest hosted by Nashville’s independent radio station, Lightning 100. Hundreds of bands including Smooth Hound Smith added their songs to Muzooka for a chance to win a spot to play at the Live On The Green Music Festival beside an all-star lineup in front of tens of thousands of fans.


Listen to Smooth Hound’s Smith original song submission right on Muzooka:


After the initial submissions came in Lightning 100 hosted three rounds of online voting. Along the way, Smooth Hound Smith reached out to their fans on social media for votes, and were as entertaining as ever with posts like this one featuring a taco shaped pillow. The duo successfully made it through all three rounds of online voting, and beat out over 250 Nashville bands to earn themselves a spot on the final roster for Music City Mayhem.


The other five contenders to make it into the finals included Daphne & The Mystery Machines, Lauren Farrah, The Harmaleighs and The Bandoliers. The bands all played live for an eager audience of fans at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on July 24, 2015. At the end of the night, the winner was announced and Smooth Hound Smith walked away with a trophy and a spot in the lineup at LOTG2015.


Photo Credit: Robbie Bolog

“We did it, y’all! WE WON! Thank you to everyone who voted and supported us every step of the way, particularly if you came out in person tonight. Thanks to Lightning 100 for putting this on and to all the other bands who were supremely stiff competition- we’ll see you guys at Live On The Green Music Festival on September 11th! #musiccitymayhem” – Smooth Hound Smith


Through the online voting, tight competition, excited fans, and weeks of anticipation, Smooth Hound Smith stormed the road with guitar and tambourine in hand to win Music City Mayhem, while continuing to pave their own path with a unique sound that radiates personality.

Smooth Hound Smith plays September 11, 2015 at the free Live On The Green Music Festival at Public Square Park in the heart of Nashville.

Good luck Zack and Caitlin, we’re sure the green will taste just as fresh as it smells!  

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