Staff picks for September 14, 2015

It’s Monday and we know how much everyone loves Mondays right? How about we dish out some fresh beats to fight those¬†Monday blues! We’ve got a Deadmau5 remix by Orian¬†and Blinds have been topping the Hot chart lately, be sure to checkout the playlist and give us a shout by tweeting #musicfirst.


“Young artist from Nashville with great writing and singing chops. Watch out for this one!”

Picked by Tolga Ekmen

“Taylor Swift on an indie rock journey.”

Picked by Shaun Kirk Wong

“Really beautiful track, be sure to check out the music video!”

Picked by Levin Dixon

“Had me at acoustic! A cool and breezy track to wind down the summer.”

Picked by Leo Tran

“A little bit of R.E.M in the chorus. This song will stay in your head all day long…”

Picked by Mudar Noufal

“A chilled out mix on an electronic classic.”

Picked by Bryan Maniotakis

“Great voice! Relaxing song.”

Picked by Doug Nyhoff