Staff Picks Of The Week: November 9, 2015

We’re always here to help get your week started off on the right foot with some great new music. Take a listen to our latest staff picks.

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“Good news is that there’s more than one great track of Nodaway’s on Muzooka :)”

Selected by Shawn Wilson

“Catchy, upbeat tune!”

Selected by Doug Nyhoff

“It has an infectious melody and such gorgeous, airy textures”

Selected by Jaime Sarrantonio

Selected by Tolga Ekmen

“A little bit of danceable  art-pop to start start off your week!”

Selected by Shaun Kirk Wong

“A great acoustic vocal song and a pleasure to find on the Muzooka charts.”

Selected by Leigh McDonald

“Loving this upbeat rock tune coming out of Nashville”

Selected by Bryan Maniotakis