Staff Picks Of The Week: October 26, 2015

Like the overgrown kids we are, Halloween is still one of our favorite holidays and Saturday just can’t come soon enough! Here’s what we’re playing (on repeat) to get us through the week.

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“Mercy Lounge likes her and so do I!”

Selected by Shawn Wilson

“Listen once and you won’t get the beat and vocals out of your head.”

Selected by Doug Nyhoff

“Swooning over those guitar chops coming in at 2:55. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.”

Selected by Bryan Maniotakis

“Digging the catchy pop punk melody of this latest track from Made for Broadway. Takes me back to my teenage years!”

Selected by Jaime Sarrantonio

“Great song to start your day off with from a very talented singer-songwriter from Nashville”

Selected by Tolga Ekmen

“Because everyone needs a little rock in their life, good song!”

Selected by Leigh McDonald

“A really chill and soulful musical story.”

Selected by Shaun Kirk Wong