Staff picks for September 21, 2015

This week’s staff picks are the bomb ?. Some amazing new songs by bands from Los Angeles and Nashville for the first week of September, as always tweet us #musicfirst and let us know your thoughts.


“Emotional track with great vocals by Eli Teplin.”

Picked by Tolga Ekmen

“A breezy and comforting tune. Looking forward to hearing their new songs!”

Selected by Jessica Nguyen

“Snappy and energetic rock song.”

Selected by Shaun Kirk Wong

“Great track from the heart, it’s been stuck in my head all week!”

Selected by Levin Dixon

“A great song, good vocals and really picks up once the bass kicks in.”

Selected by Leigh McDonald

“Joyful indie pop from Nashvhille. Love the guitar and the chorus is irresistible! hmm-mm-mm”

Selected by Mudar Noufal

“Digging the vibe of this americana tune as the summer winds down.”

Selected by Bryan Maniotakis

“Love me some house music!!”

Selected by Doug Nyhoff

“Great upbeat song, looking forward to hearing more.”

Selected by Shawn Wilson