Staff picks week of Oct 13, 2015

October has arrived with some chills, but our staff picks are on fire! We have you covered with some bumpin’ new tunes. Listen to what the Muzooka team has on repeat.

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“Byrd’s got great vocals. It’s a great song to listen to!”

Selected by Tolga Ekmen

“Time to visit my Grandma.”

Selected by Shaun Kirk Wong

“Great song to start off the week!”

Selected by Levin Dixon

“From what I can gather this is the first song they’ve put up and has a great sound, can’t wait for more.”

Selected by Leigh McDonald

“Soulful voice, mesmerizing jazzy beat.”

Picked by Mudar Noufal

“Crystal clear production on this, complete with plenty of tom fills.”

Selected by Bryan Maniotakis

“Something to chill by!”

Selected by Doug Nyhoff

“Great band from NJ.”

Selected by Shawn Wilson