Getting started with your artist page

Now that you’ve logged in, you will see your imported Facebook page(s) on your dashboard. Other people that manage your page will also have the same access on Muzooka, so be sure to let them know.

Note: if your artist page is showing as ‘Business’, you may need to check how we assign artist pages.

On your imported artist page, you will also notice a pink flag icon which means you will need to fill in a few extra fields in order to complete your artist page.

Clicking “Edit” will take you to a form that will allow you to complete your missing fields.

Note: We import and sync a portion of your Facebook page content, learn what we sync.

You will now be shown your completed artist page.

How can I upload and manage my music?

Click ‘Manage Songs’ from the top navigation.

Upload at least one song and enter the required information using our management tool.

Tip: Don’t forget to upload your song art!

Once you have uploaded at least one song you can now submit to our opportunities.

Note: Your song must match the required genres (if set by the venue) in order to submit.

How can I submit to opportunities?

Click on ‘Opportunities’ from the top navigation.


Click into the opportunity you wish to submit for. From the right side panel (on desktop), select your song from the dropdown and click ‘Submit to opportunity’.

Note: You must have at least one song uploaded that matches the genre requirements of the opportunity.