Now that you’ve logged in, you will now see your imported Facebook page(s) on your dashboard. Other people that manage your page will also have the same access on Muzooka, so be sure to let them know.


On your imported page, you will also notice a pink flag icon which means you will need to fill in a few extra fields in order to complete your page. Click ‘Edit’ which will load the form, enter the missing fields and click ‘Save’.


Your page is now setup, go ahead and click the page you completed. You will now have access to create gig posters and opportunities to receive demo submissions from artists.


How do I create gig posters?

Make sure you’re in the ‘Gig Posters’ section then click ‘Create a Gig Poster’ from the top right.

Enter your show information, headliners, supporting acts and click ‘Create Gig Poster’.

Your poster is now ready to promote and share, Muzooka will also notify the artists attached to the poster to promote it.


How do I receive demo submissions?

To receive artist demos you will need to create an opportunity for artists. To get started click ‘Demo Submissions’ from the top navigation, then ‘Let’s get started’.


Enter your opportunity information and criteria of artists that you’re looking for and click ‘Save and proceed’.


Your opportunity is now live and you can now view your demo submissions board. New artist submissions will be displayed within the ‘Submissions’ column.


Drag and drop to sort, you can also create custom columns on the right panel by clicking ‘Add column’.