What is Muzooka?

Muzooka is a platform that connects the live music industry and artists together through discovery and promotion.

We provide opportunities for artists to be discovered and promoted. For venues, we create tools to discover artists and promote them through our app on social media and the web.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up to get started. Once you’ve logged in we’ll import your Facebook pages. Check out our marketing pages to learn more.

Why do we use Facebook?

  • Sign up is incredibly quick, we’ll load and sync your basic profile.
  • We sync your Facebook pages, saving you time (learn more).
  • We can validate the authenticity of the Facebook pages you administer (especially for verified pages).
  • Multiple user access. If you want a bandmate, manager or colleague to help manage your content, any individual added to your Facebook page as an Editor or Admin will have the same access on Muzooka.

Learn more from our getting started guides!